Welcome to Prolific Paradox LLC!

I am, Martisha Burris, the owner and operator of Prolific Paradox LLC.  We are based out of Camden, South Carolina where all of our items are created in my home office. Product designs are influenced by the personal interests of my multifaceted self.

Prolific Paradox LLC was formed in October of 2021 while making personalized/custom T-shirts. In April of 2023 we launched the website featuring a number of self-created items.

Prolific Paradox LLC encourages us all to grow, be fruitful, and "grow your own." Don't let your past define you. Never be afraid to be different and not follow the crowd.  Be yourself, embrace yourself (flaws and all), and shine like no other.  Water yourself so that you can continue to grow and flourish.

Thank you for visiting Prolific Paradox LLC!